Business Transcription Software & Services

From board meetings and interviews to multi-day conventions (and everything in between) Innotatz-IT has built the ability to deliver highly accurate transcripts to meet your schedule and budget. We value your time and money that’s why we deliver quick and accurate business transcription services, with a straightforward pricing plan.

Our business transcription services include:
  • o   Corporate Meetings/Minutes Transcription
  • o   Business Meetings Transcription
  • o   Focus Groups Transcription
  • o   Conference Call Transcription
  • o   Earnings Call Transcription
  • o   Web Conferences Transcription
  • o   Statements Transcription
  • o   Webcast Transcription/ Workshop Transcription
  • o   Planning Transcription /Product Launch Transcription
  • o   Market Research Transcription Seminar/Webinar

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