Expert Business Consulting & Analytics Services

Business Analysis is the process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a company by developing robust plans for success and supporting the implementation of new technologies.

Our industry-leading approach delivers accurate, metrics-based analysis of complex organizations. We work closely with the organization to understand and document their day-to-day jobs, allowing us to provide an independent, external perspective on where improvements could be made.

At Innotatz-IT, we value our client’s time, investment and outcomes. Our business consulting team develops an executable plan considering all the practical limitations. We have a proven track record of increasing business growth, improving organizational structure, enhancing sales and achieving goals by providing our business analysis capabilities.

Innotatz-IT works unbiased with any technology vendor and provides a genuine and impartial expert advice to all the client for each and every project. We assist our clients in understanding their current structure, its flaws, the improvement opportunities it has, a technology that would be useful and, a flowchart of how it will carry out. We document each and every stage of the project with detailed information to clear every doubt.

Our Business Analysis team with their extensive experience in development, designing, project management, delivery, deployment, testing, etc. take complete ownership of their project including the competency assessment, individual training/development plans, and mentoring modules.

Business Analysis Consulting Services

Pain Points Analysis

The tasks which impede the day-to-day running of your business can be considered a pain point. You may be aware of yours already; you may consider them superficial. But the fact is that even the smallest looking problems can become serious over time, damaging your productivity and affecting your bottom line.

Our BI consultants will review your work so that they can clearly come to know about the challenges which are existing and can come in the future. Our approach is to reach to the root points to know the real causes. Once the issues are traced, we develop sustainable solutions that will support your business and promote future growth.

At Innotatz-IT, we provide disruptive solutions to the existing model. But whether the recommendations are for technical or business process changes, the companies need to invest money and time in implementing the changes.

Data Quality Assessment

If your data is not routinely monitored and quality checked, then the consequences can be messy. Our data quality assessment team can banish those problems by offering an objective view of the issues affecting your business, making sure the right data is being captured and reported against.

We’ll sit down with your key stakeholders to establish what is going wrong and why. We will analyze data extracts, scrutinize the processes behind it, make sure your data is being properly filtered for relevance, accuracy, and significance, and we’ll come up with a new data management strategy.

It may be necessary to look at other business process improvements, training, and monitoring – or a simple technical fix may do the job – and we’ll help communicate the changes to all your users so that your people know what you are aiming to achieve and will support it.

Good quality sales data should be like gold dust to your organization. It helps in boosting the efficiency of the daily operation of your business, improve your margins and raise customer satisfaction.

As-Is and To-Be Analysis 

When you’re looking to reinvent or revitalize your business, it’s vital to review your existing business processes, so you can be clear about where your business is now (as-is) and where you want to take it (to-be).

Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a review of your existing processes, working with you to understand the technology you are currently using, the teams involved, the way in which your business is structured and how it operates now.

Documenting your current business state provides an essential foundation from which to build new enhancements or make business process improvements.

We are then in a position to begin the more detailed work of establishing your key business objectives and expectations, as well as the scope of your requirements. At the same time, we’ll make sure your objectives are realistic and workable, precisely targeted and clearly communicated, with the full support of your key stakeholders.

Strategic business analysis is the key to developing a clear and workable plan for bridging the gap – moving from your current business model to your target business model.

Enabling Technology Implementation

A good business analyst can make the difference between success and failure in a complicated software implementation project.

We’ll work with your key stakeholders and executives to formulate the business vision for your project, identifying the requirements, communicating them to your organization and translating them into something the development team can work with.

Our consultants will make sure that new technology becomes a game-changer for your organization. We’ll also coach and support your users on the new processes and other changes.

Why Our Business Consulting Solutions?


Innotatz-IT is one of the fastest-growing companies in Illions, Westchester USA, as well as one of the best places to work. We know what a great culture feels like, and we’re dedicated to making that connection for you.


Innotatz-IT has captured the market niche to deliver best BI solutions. Our keen research and art of learning about various industrial verticals help us drive better solutions. Moreover, we have tied up with many experts who have wide experience in delivering BI solutions to the organizations.

Results Driven

With a dedicated staff of over 200 professionals working worldwide covering countries such as USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. We celebrate our wins and yours. That’s what makes us unique.

Our extended Business Consulting services are:
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • QA Analysis

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