General Transcription Software & Services

As we provide transcription services in different areas, providing general transcription services are one of our core strength. By managing the core data management tasks, and minimize file backlogs, we spend more time concentrating on enhancing efficiency and productivity. Coordinating with speed, accuracy, knowledge, and skill is necessary for acquiring great results. Our transcriptionists are trained in several industries and are ready to handle the challenge at affordable prices.

Our general transcription services include;
  • o    24/7 Assistance via toll-free number, conference call recording system or cell phone
  • o    99% accuracy in record maintenance
  • o    Data tracking using document management software
  • o    Faster turnaround time – personalized TAT and STAT
  • o    Competitive pricing with cost savings solutions

Stay tuned to get the top-rated global healthcare services! at an affordable price!